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Real Cowboys on a working Wyoming cattle Ranch

Barney Ranches, Inc. is a family-run ranch headquartered at Big Piney, Wyoming, approximately half way between Rock Springs and Jackson Hole. The ranch was founded in 1987 by Bill Barney, an engineer who has roots in southern Colorado and western Nebraska, and Ann Barney, a registered dietitian.Bill BarneyTheir son Colin, together with his wife Teresa, rejoined the operation in 1994 after a tour as a manager for a major meat packer, and they now handle the day to day operations. We raise high quality Salers/Angus cross cattle across 150 miles of mountains and valleys in the beautiful Upper Green River Basin of southwest Wyoming.

For years we have sold our beef to the packers who supply meat to premium markets and restaurants, not directly to consumers. We eat this beef ourselves and sell some to neighbors and friends. Many of these people have told us that our beef is the best they have ever had. One day a neighbor asked us why we didn't sell beef directly to consumers so that anyone could buy our great-tasting beef. We thought that was a great idea and knew we could provide the higher quality beef at a lower price than local supermarkets by cutting out the middleman. And that's how Western Wyoming Beef got started.

"What does it mean to be a Cowboy? Sometimes we do things to save a calf that don't make any sense from an economical standpoint. When they're born at night sometimes they're half frozen and covered with snow by the time we find them in the morning, especially if the temperature has dropped to 20 below overnight. At certain times of the year we have calves in the bathtub and calves in front trying to save them. Sometimes Cowboys will spend more saving a calf than they are worth. Cowboying is about taking care of animals in miserable conditions when everyone else is sitting by the warm fire at 2 in the morning. That's what we do."

-Bill Barney
Taking care of calves Even the littlest kids help
Some calves need a little extra attention at feeding time. Even the littlest members of the family help out on the Ranch.

The Barney Ranch

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"Best beef I've eaten in years. Great value!" - Lois, Pinedale, Wyoming

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