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Beef is one of nature's highest quality foods!
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Our cattle produce beef with superb eating quality and minimum fat. Good nutrition requires a balanced and adequate diet, and beef provides nature's highest quality protein, many B vitamins, and minerals essential for life including iron and zinc.

Barney Ranches, Inc., Western Wyoming Beef, has spent years developing a genetics program using the Salers breed, a breed of cherry red cattle imported from the Salers District of France. This breed is characterized by a moderate number of small fat cells with minimal seam fat. When crossed with black angus, these cattle produce beef with just the right amount of marbling for meat that is tender and very favorful with minimal fat.

Beef and Nutrition Facts

Protein & Amino Acids
Proteins are important in maintaining and repairing body tissue, muscles, hormones, enzymes, antibodies and other things. The key to understanding proteins are amino acids. There are only 20-odd amino acids in natural proteins. Living organisms can arrange them in different orders, with differing numbers and combinations to create innumerable proteins. These amino acids are all needed in our bodies, but some are not needed in our diet because our bodies can synthesize them from other amino acids. There are, however, 8 amio acids that cannot be made by our bodies or by conversion from other amino acids. These must be included in our diet from either red meats or a combination of other sources.
Vitamin B12
To date, no practical source of vitamin B12 has been found except for meat and animal products. Vitamin B12 is essential for the function of most body cells and plays an important role in syntheses of nucleic acids like DNA and RNA. If cells are deficient in vitamin B12, certain compounds required in the process for creation of DNA and RNA cannot be produced and cells cannot divide properly. 

Iron and Zinc
Iron is important for healthy blood and muscles. Meat is the number one source of iron in the American diet, containing 35% of the iron consumed. Men need 10-18 mg/day of iron and women generally need more. The iron in meat is even more important since it is in the "heme" form and is 4-5 times more readily absorbed than the iron in edible plants. Beef is an important source of zinc supplying 24% in our food supply. Zinc plays a vital role in protection against infection and in prevention of birth defects.

Cholesterol and cholesterol-raising and lowering fatty acidsPorterhouse steak
Recent studies are suggesting that heart and cholesterol concerns have a strong genetic component and for most people diet may not play as prominant a role as once thought. While some fat is essential for a healthy diet, it is probably wise to be moderate in consumption of foods that contain higher amounts of fat and cholesterol. When properly selected, red meat has comparable cholesterol-raising fatty acids to roasted chicken white meat (with the skin off). So enjoy your steak!
Our No Questions Asked Guarantee

We guarantee your absolute satisfaction! If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly replace your beef, or refund your money, no questions asked.

"Of the thousands of cattle that have gone through our program, your cattle would be the highest grading set of cattle that have gone through the system."
- Jim Doubet, Product Immprovement Manager
PM Beef/ProBeef, Denver, Colorado


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