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Western Wyoming Beef
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Wyoming Premium
Aged, premium beef our customers have been selling to restaurants and the finest markets

Sold in whole units, halves, quarter units, eighth units, or sample packs. In western Wyoming, delivery is by our own truck from our distribution center in Big Piney, Wyoming. In the Denver-Fort Collins, Colorado area, delivery is by truck from our Brush, Colorado processing plant. West of the Appalachias, your order is shipped in insulated containers packed with dry ice and delivered by UPS from one of our regional distribution centers. 

Western Wyoming Beef
Ordering Information 
Wyoming Premium

Sample packs, eighth units, quarter units, or larger orders made up of several standard quarter units are delivered from our inventory. 

Special requests can be accommodated for half and whole units, but require additional lead time. 

Standard packaging: Steaks are cut one inch thick, weigh approximately 12 oz. and are individually vaccusealed. Roasts will weigh approximately 2-3 lb, and hamburger will be in 1 lb. plastic packages. 

Standard packaging


Standard 1/4 Units
Approximately 120 lbs

Each quarter unit will arrive in 3 approximately 40 lb. boxes and requires 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space. The amount will vary slightly, but typically you can expect approximately equal amounts of steak, roasts, and lean hamburger. A typical inventory includes:

Rib steaks
T-bone steaks
Sirloin club steaks
Round (cube) steaks
Chuck roasts
Arm roasts 
Tip roast
Rump roast 
Packages stew meat
Packages hamburger 


Eighth Units - NOT AVAILABLE
Approximately 60 lbs

Eighth units are approximately half of a quarter unit, but will be somewhat more variable in content. Typically you can expect:

12 one inch thick steaks 
5 cube steaks 
5 roasts 
2 short ribs 
1 pack stew meat 
23 packs lean ground beef


Approximately 25 pounds 

4 steaks 
2 roasts 
2 cube steaks 
10 packs lean ground beef 


How Much Should I Order?
Individuals 1/8 Unit
Families with light beef consumption or couples 1/4 Unit
Families with heavier beef consumption 1/2 Unit

Pricing and Payment
All units are sold by the pound less shipping and handling. 
Quarter, half, and whole units...........

Eighth units........................................ 

Sample units..................................... 




Custom Orders 
Custom orders on half and whole units require a nonrefundable deposit of $100/half unit at the time the order is booked. The balance due on the order will be figured based on the actual weight to be shipped and will be collected, together with shipping charges, prior to shipment. 

Custom orders will require at least 45 days lead time to allow for selection, then processing, aging to perfection, and accommodating special requests such as steak thickness or size or type of roasts. 

Shipping & Handling

In Western Wyoming, we deliver using our own delivery truck. The cost is $25/order.

In the Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado area, we deliver by truck from our Brush, Colorado processing plant. The delivery cost is $40/order.Shipping Map, Click for larger version

Outside of the Colorado Front Range and Western Wyoming, and west of the Appalachias, your beef is shipped in insulated containers packed with dry ice to keep your beef frozen during shipment and delivered by UPS. In addition to the UPS and trucking charges, there is a packaging and handling charge of $27/container shipped. East of our normal delivery area, shipping is by special arrangement and generally requires two or more quarters/order. 

Because the product is frozen and cannot be left unrefrigerated, you must be present to accept delivery. If no one is present to receive a mutually scheduled delivery, there will be an additional charge to your credit card to cover redelivery.

All orders are billed by weight and collected, 
with shipping and handling, prior to shipping.

Payment can be by check or credit card

Safety and Quality

Our cattle are processed under the strictest government inspected conditions. In choosing the plants to process our cattle, we imposed a number of additional criteria, that, based on experience in management for a major packer, enhances product safety and quality. Finally, we insist on a staff that is dedicated to quality from top to bottom, and that they handle our cattle quietly and humanely.

On the range


Our No Questions Asked Guarantee
We guarantee your absolute satisfaction! If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly replace your beef, or refund your money, no questions asked. 

Call us today for more information and to order!

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